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a weakness in her current system. paul's words echo earlier warnings made by senator chuck grassley. bur don't tell senator chuck grassley that. >> i say that plrly those who are pointing to the terrible tragedy in boston as a, i would say excuse for not doing the bill or delaying it. many months or years. >> i never said that. >> i never said, i didn't say you did, sir. >> i didn't say -- >> i don't mean you, mr. grassley. >> mr. chairman, i don't appreciate -- >> how will the boston bombings affect immigration reform? we'll discuss that, coming up next. >>> before the tragedy last week in boston, congress seemed to be getting its groove back. taking actual votes on actual bills with republicans and democrats coming together to craft actual bipartisan legislation. never mind actual passage. but boston may have stopped that rolling tide, specifically on subject of immigration reform. since the country found out that the two suspect in the bombing were legal immigrants, one of whom became a u.s. citizen in the past year, some opponents have tried to pull the stops on, put the stops on legisla
secretary janet napolitano. that is chuck grassley there from iowa, arguing the bill could create a path to citizenship for 11 mill illegals and does little to secure the u.s. border. we'll have a listen from a moment ago. >> the draft bill captures the core principles enunciated by president obama in las vegas and reflects the bipartisan spirit necessary to achieve comprehensive immigration reform. the bipartisan work reflected in this bill will strengthen security at our borders by funding the continued deployment of manpower infrastructure, air cover, and proven effective surveillance technologies along the highest trafficked areas of the southwest border. bill: chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is tracking this live on the hill. mike, good morning to you. what has been her message so far? >> reporter: well, bill, secretary napolitano opened a bit talking about the boston attack a little over a week ago and she said that homeland security is committed to working with its partners to figure out what happened, exactly what steps can be taken to improve security and we'll dr
love fest? no way. both sides hate it. senator grassley on that. a billion dollar gift of art, but how big is the tax writeoff, and why give now? before obama caps deductions. this, $700 million for gardening, what sequester pain? ha. ♪ stuart: can you hear the printing presses humming along? we don't stop because the jobless rate is high and will be for a long time to come. that's why the dow industrials are up 71 # point, ain't that right, charles? >> there's a school, there's a big pool of people in the market, a lot of professional traders, but i still believe in value, and that's why, you know what? here's why it's important, stuart. i'll be honest with you because when we tell investors the market's up because of printing and stock goes down, and they sell it, lufkin, a big winner, seven sold the stock. why? bay were scared. you know what the margins are going in? it's a worrying proposition. they missed 7,000 points, maybe they'll miss more. stuart: you agree with me, in part -- >> oh, absolutely. stuart: it's a paper driven rally; yes? >> yes, but the number to be scared of a
hearing going over the new immigration reform bill. last week republican senator chuck grassley say bombings prove that congress should not rush the immigration bill. that caused chuck schumer to call him out moments ago. >> those who point to the terrible tragedy in boston as a excuse for not doing a bill or delaying it many months or years. >> i never said that. i never said that. >> i didn't say you did, sir. >> i didn't say anything about delaying the bill. >> mr. chairman, i don't appreciate the senator demeaning witnesses that have come here. >> the conversation started because they came to the u.s. from the region of dagestan in 2002. joining me is democratic congressman of arizona, a member of the immigration task force. sir, good to have you here. as you hear what's going on as we speak right now about the immigration reform bill, one of the things that senator patrick leahy says is the boston bombings are being exploited in an effort to defeat the bill. does that ring true or is there real concern that right now there needs to be more intense scrutiny on what immigration r
to see things move. chuck grassley it took him a year and a half in delaying the health care bill. he is a procrastinate for, par excellente. >> michael: well let's take a look at what hand today in the senate. >> i say that particularly those who are pointing to what hand, the terrible tragedy in boston as a -- a -- i would say, excuse for not doing a bill or delaying it many months or years. >> i never said that. >> i didn't say you did sir. >> i didn't say that. >> mr. chairman i don't appreciate the senator -- senator -- demeaning the witnesses that have come here. >> let me finish. >> michael: sometimes it really is the best theater out there. what are they thinking, peter? >> well, i think there are a certain number of republicans -- and i wouldn't put chuck grassley in this category, but there are some -- and i might put ted cruz in this category who say look what are we going to do? we now going to have 11 million hispanics voting? i don't want those folks voting in my state. i might lose. and as you point out if you continue to get 28% of the vote you are go
in washington right now, immigration reform. last week republican senator chuck grassley of iowa is the first to link the boston attacks with immigration, saying the attacks provided an opportunity to discuss the country's broken immigration system. other republicans have gone further, suggesting congress put off action on immigration reform altogether. well, today things got hot when senator chuck schumer of new york indirectly called out grassley. >> you've ways to improve the bill. offer an amendment when we start markup in may and let's vote on it. i say that particularly those who are pointing to what happened, the terrible tragedy in boston as a -- as a would say excuse for not doing a bill or delaying it many months or years. >> i never said that. i never said that. >> i didn't say you did, sir. >> i didn't say anything about -- >> all right. the director of "the huffington post" media group and joy reid is the editor howard, first and then joy. no matter what we say we could have all predicted this. there was going to be an overlay, a bleeding of this heart into the immig
by senator charles grassley. gerri: of former aide is right at the center of this, right? >> and, yes. it highlights a lot of things, including the fact that lobbying firms don't like it when the lobbyists go ahead and use their lobbying information to sell to these political intelligence firms. for me what it highlights is, this is what happens when government is regulating in subsidizing everybody so much. increasingly the placement of a, in legislation, the decision of a committee chairman, the decision of a bureaucrat, the timing of a rule, that step is worth millions and becomes worth more and more as government increases the act of subsidizing and regulating industry. gerri: i want to give you a quick follow-up. i know you know the folks involved. grassley has been denying that he knew anything about this. a very concerned about this. your quick comments. >> i do believe that he did not know anything about this. this was a former aide of his to became a lobbyist, went your door rolfing door. grassley has very seriously championed this political intelligence disclosure requiremen
. and senator charles grassley, graham's republican colleague in the senate, asked secretary janet napolitano from the department of homeland security about the discrepancy earlier this morning. here's bit of that exchange. >> was your department aware of his travels to russia, and if you weren't, the reason? >> the travel in 2012 that you're referring to? yes, the system pinged when he was leaving the united states. by the time he returned, all investigators -- the matter had been closed. >> is it true that his identity document did not match his airline ticket, and if so, why did tsa miss the discrepancy? >> there was a police match there. by the way, the bill will help with this because it requires that passports be electronically readable, as opposed to have being been manually input. it really does a good job of getting human error. >> so there you hear secretary napolitano answering that question from senator grassley. all of this is also important because senator graham said yesterday that tamerlan's trip to russia last year was undetected by the fbi. he say his was told that by a seni
other the grassley amendment number 725. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. c coburn: i rise to speak on the issue that the senate is considering. it's been an interesting three or four weeks as we've considered and talked and thought about how do we address what is best for our country and how do we do that in a way that we protect the constitution and we protect individual rights and we protect state rights. and a lot of ideas have been thrown out, many of them with great infirmities in terms of either impacting second amendment right, impacting 10th amendment right, or the infirmity of all is that they actually won't do anything to actually solve the problem. i come from a state that is very pro-gun. i'm very pro-gun. i own a multitude of weapons. i know how to handle them. i know how to fire them. i don't know how to safety -- safely store them. the issue in front of us is, how do we protect the second amendment right and the supreme court's rulings that have affirmed our individual right to self-defense and our individual right for freedom? and i believe i actually have
with senator chuck grassley of iowa. --n, a look at bipartisanship in congress. >> good morning on this wednesday, april 10, 2013. wall street journal reporting the senate gang of eight is working on immigration. setting a path to citizenship hinging on 100% surveillance of the border. crossing90% of those illegally. meanwhile, president obama rolls out his budget proposal today. "washington times" noting it is late. the senate will vote on a gun control bill, we will begin there. send us a tweet if you go to -- and we will post your comments. let's begin with the front page of the washington times. their headline on the senate setting this vote on thursday reset the stage for a showdown. it bears the gop to filibuster. the piece says this -- he goes on to write this -- democratic senators max baucus and mark pryor from arkansas said -- texas, republican caller up first. what do you make of this vote is set in the senate on thursday challenging a gop filibuster? i think the gop should kill a buster obama is doing everything he unconstitutionally can. he comes out the day after t
grassley" de iowa, dijo durante las audiencias realizadas en un sub-comite del senado que el gobierno federal debe buscar alguna forma de cerciorarse que las personas que quieran hacerle daÑo a la poblacion, no deben obtener ningun beneficio migratorio. blanca ---precisamente el posible descarrilamiento de la reforma migratoria es el temor de muchos. stop open take 2 box ---angel ayllon hablo con expertos de inmigracion sobre este temor. take pkg sala de redaccin 0:01 0:20 0:28 0:52 1:16 1:59 pkg aparecieron los primeros obstaculos para el proyecto de reforma migratoria que discute el comite judicial del senado ... uno de ellos, su invitada principal, la secretaria de seguridad nacional, janet napolitano no pudo asistir a la reunion atendiendo primero la persecucion a los implicados en las bombas de boston.... atentado terrorista que podria generar nuevos enemigos a la reforma de manera injusta... en opinion de los expertos esto era predecible... entrevista abogado bernardo merino es logico que cuando pasan este tipo de cosas, con una persona que emigro a los estados unidos, van a us
legislation. now that led to a testy exchange between democrat charles schumer and republican chuck grassley during a senate committee hearing yesterday. >> those who are pointing to what happened, the terrible tragedy in boston, as an excuse for not doing a bill or delaying it many months or years. >> i never said that. >> i didn't say you did. >> i didn't say that. >> i didn't say you did, sir. >> mr. chairman, i don't appreciate the senator demeanoring the witnesses that come here. >> reporter: on friday grassley cited the attack as a reason for caution in moving ahead with the immigration bill. while that hearing was going on, two other gop senators weighed in. now, rand paul and marco rubio issued separate statements suggesting lawmakers take their time with immigration reform. today homeland security secretary janet napolitano testifies on immigration herself. her original testimony was canceled friday so she could monitor the manhunt for suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. anne-marie? >> tara mergener in washington. thank you very much, tara. >>> overseas now a car bomb exploded outside the fr
statements. >> thank you, chairman. also like to recognize chairman leahy, ranking member grassley and the members of this committee for giving me the opportunity to testify today in support of s. 744, the border security economic opportunity and immigration modernization act of 2013. my name is gabby pacheco and i'm aand undocumented american. i was born in 1985. in 1983 at the age of eight i moved to the united states with my parents and three siblings. out of everyone who was here testifying today, i am the only one that comes to you as one of the 11 million undocumented people in this country. my family reflects the diversity and beauty of america. we are part of a strong working class, a mixed status family, neighbors, classmates, fellow parishioners, consumers and are part of the fabric of this nation. my father is an ordained southern baptist preacher who currently works as a window washer. my mom a licensed nurse's aide, but with health conditions she hasn't been able to work for the last couple of years. their hope is to continue to support their family while at the same t
it and chuck schumer's comments followed some earlier warnings by senator chuck grassley ranking republican from iowa and he didn't like what chuck schumer was implying. here is how that went. >> i say that particularly those who were pointing to what happened, the terrible trammingdy in boston as a -- a -- i would say excuse for not doing a bill or delaying it many months or years. >> i never said that. >> i didn't say you did sir. >> i never said that. >> i didn't say you did -- >> chairman i don't appreciate demeaning the witnesses that have come here. >> let me finish -- >> bill: jeff sessions jumps in there, but yesterday secretary home lan security janet napolitano was up in front of the same committee, and once again senator grassley, he is not coming up he is trying to make this link that what happened in boston proves their loopholes and problems in our immigration system and to do immigration reform right now is not the best time to do it. >> the background checks on the 12 million people who are here illegally are riddled with problems that appear to be i
three days of live hearings with 26 witnesses. i've worked with ranking member grassley to ensure all viewpoints were heard. in fact, no witness he suggested was denied the opportunity to appear and testify. i think we all realize, whether republicans or democrats, no matter how we may vote, we should have a clear record. i asked secretary napolitano to return to testify the second time in a couple of months as she had february. she was scheduled last week with horrific circumstances in boston, of course we all understood, all of us, why she had to cancel that appearance, but she came yesterday and answered every single question everybody had. as i said earlier, when we meet tomorrow the right will be exercised under our rule to hold over the immigration reform bill for a week. again, i've discussed this with senator grassley, and i think we both agree that that's a wise thing to do to hold it over and give people that extra time. the following week we're not in session, but then we mark up the legislation in may. by that time the legislation and all the testimony will be publicly ava
call: mr. grassley: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from iowa. brass grass i ask that the calling of the quorum be suspended. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. grassley: madam president, earlier today i met with families from newtown, connecticut, to discuss the legislation that we're currently debating. obviously, for these families that come in that lost these children and also some -- just a minute. madam president, i want to start over again. the presiding officer: certainly. the senator from iowa. mr. grassley: earlier today i met with families from newtown, connecticut, to discuss legislation we're currently debating. and it's obviously very emotional, and it isn't an easy meeting to have, but it is a very necessary meeting to have, when the parents of children that were murdered or when -- i think somebody from a family that teachers were murdered, it is difficult for. i want to thank them for sharing their stories of loved ones and their concerns with me. and i hope many of my colleagues would consider meeting with these families as well becaus
were brought up. iowa senator chuck grassley yelled at new york senator charles schumer when schumer called on critics to stop using the attacks as a way to your honor against comprehensive immigration, argue against comprehensive immigration reform. >> the terrible tragedy in boston as a, i would say, excuse for not doing a bill or delaying it many months or years. >> i never said that. i never said that. >> i didn't say you did, sir. >> i didn't say that. >> and you -- >> mike, we knew about this hearing that was planned before the attacks. we knew this conversation would likely get heated as always on the sunday morning programs. you had lawmakers trying to link the attacks with this comprehensive reform. >> it was inevitable that it would creep in with 7th such a very volatile issue like immigration reform which was already the contention. but also the political level as well. you saw that today. there will be a moment of silence today at 2:50 eastern time in boston in the west wing and here in the united states senate. before then, tempers were really flaring at that hearing, je
. last week republican senator chuck grassley of iowa was the first to link the attacks with immigration, saying it provides the opportunity to discuss the . other republicans have gone further saying congress should put off action. today things got hot when chuck schumer independently called out grassley. >> offer an amendment when we start markup in may and let's vote on it. i say that particularly to those who point to what happened, the terrible tragedy in boston as i would say an excuse for not doing a bill or delaying it many months or years. >> i never said that. i never said that. >> i didn't say you did, sir. >> i didn't say -- >> i didn't say you did. >> all right. director of the huffington post media group and joy-ann reid. howard first and then joy. we all predicted this, there was going to be an overlay, a bleeding into immigration because it's about foreign people coming here. >> there's no doubt about it. right now the polls show that people in the united states have generally -- although only modestly favorable view of immigration overall, they are in favor of immigratio
hearing. iowa senator chuck grassley was one of several republicans who've said the bombings, allegedly by two chechen immigrants, raise questions about immigration reform. >> i think we're taking advantage of an opportunity where once in 25 years we deal with immigration to make sure that every base is covered. >> brown: that sparked a heated exchange between grassley and new york democrat chuck schumer. >> i say that particularly those who are pointing to what happened, the terrible tragedy in boston, as i would say an excuse for not doing a bill or delaying it many months and years. >> i never said that. >> i didn't say you did sir. >> i didn't say anything about... >> i didn't mean you, mr. grassley. >> those remarks were not aimed at anyone on this committee or the three witnesses. there are people out there; you've read it in the newspapers; they've said it. >> brown: there were also questions about the f.b.i.'s investigation last year of tamerlan tsarnaev, after he spent six months in russia. senator diane feinstein, chairing the intelligence committee, said senior f.b.i. may tes
that." senator grassley said friday the tragedy in boston highlighted the gaps and loopholes in the current immigration system. concerns addressed yesterday include how legislation could help improve tracking immigrants who overstay visa limits. the legislation was crafted under bipartisan leadership. supporters hope for a vote by summer. the tragedy at the boston marathon is spurring people to set charitable donation records. more than $1 million has been raised in a matter of days online. because of crowdsourcing, where friends, family and even strangers can donate via personal web pages, it is seen as a new way to directly help victims. it is important that people know where they are donating. the two legit cites are go-fund-me and give-forward. facebook is posting a major status update. the social networking company will reportedly build a 1.4-million- square-foot facility in altoona, iowa. local lawmakers say it will be "the most technologically advanced data center in the world." the 20- acre site will be used as a storage facility - and you thought they kept all that s
senators grassley and schumer. >> i say that to those who are pointing to what happened, the terrible tragedy in boston, as an i would say excuse for not doing a bill or delaying it many months or years. >> i never said that! >> i didn't say that. >> i never said that! >> reporter: now, richard, sources on capitol hill tell me they don't expect the incident here in boston to have too much effect on the immigration bill. it's something that ultimately both sides would like to have. but you see right there how it will have -- give an opportunity for a lot of lawmakers to try and tie it together, something that proponents of immigration reform do not want to see. >> thank you so much. >>> now to another terror plot. this one was thwarted. trains from the united states to canada were among the possible targets. nbc's stephanie gosk has more. >> reporter: the two suspects are not canadian citizens but had been living in the country. they're accused of planning to derail a passenger train near toronto with guidance and direction from al qaeda elements in iran. nbc news has learned from both
tsarnaev six-month trip to russia. watch this. >> you said, i think to senator grassley that the older brother, the suspect who was killed, when he left to go back to russia in 2012, the system picked up his departure but did not pick up him coming back, is that correct? >> going on, that's my understanding. i can give you the detail in a classified setting but i think the salient fact there, senator, is that the fbi texted alert on him at that point was more than a year old and had expired. >> the point i am trying to make, after talking to fbi they told me they had no knowledge of him leaving or coming back. the name was misspelled. i would like to talk to you more about this case. martha: wow! senator lindsey graham is on the senate judiciary committee and we're very glad to have you with us this morning, senator. >> thank you. martha: that's disturbing. >> yeah. three days ago the fbi called me at home because last sunday i suggested maybe we droed the ball on this guy. we got notice from a foreign government, the russians, that this guy has become radicalized. may be joining unspe
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. president? the presiding officer: the senator from iowa. mr. are grassley: over the course of the next mr. grassley: over the course of the next several weeks i hope to come to the floor and visit with my colleagues about the immigration bill that will soon be going through the judiciary committee, so i want to share my thoughts today on parts that deal with the border security section of s. 44 -- 744. the immigration bill is very likely to allow millions of people who entered our country illegally or overstayed their visa to receive legal status and eventually green cards. however, it is very unlikely to result in a true border security. the bill provides that those in a probationary status -- and that's known in this legislation as registered provisional immigrant status -- be given green cards as soon as the secretary of homeland security certifies that four conditions have been satisfied. on page 11 of the bill, it lays out the process. the secretary certifies that the border and fencing strategies, and those strategies are ones that she wrote, are substantially deployed, operational,
grassley, iowa senator, kept pushing to get this part of the bill, you've got on eat the dog food too, congress. they fought on that every turn. i would think this is going to continue unless republicans continue. >> paul: the broader contours of obamacare, rolling out starting in october, that is not going too well either? >> no. hss run out of money for implementation. they have another affordable care act slush fund to exchange implementation. you are seeing rates are starting to be filed much higher 20-30% for younger consumers. even a hundred percent, 200%. in maryland which price controls are in effect already. you are not seeing the smooth, well-oiled machine the president promised. >> paul: it could be a political liability for the president if people begin to see the promises haven't been kept. we have to take one more break. when we come back, hits and misses of the week. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our b
that this was his legacy, and let's vindicate his vision. grassley, ahuck ranking member of the senate judiciary said, after the boston bombings, all this talk about immigration reform, it is time to look at immigration laws and policies already in place to make sure we are addressing national security issues. >> the bombings have implications on terror policy, implications on the miranda rule and all of that. it does not have any implications in reality of immigration. i know is being used left and right but you will have immigrants, going back to the early 19th century, 20th- unexpected is not and it is the price of immigration, of which the good that we get from immigrants far weighs theseut feelings of this affection or violence. >> amazingly, we sit here week after week talking about how washington is dysfunctional. this is the first time i thought they would do something. the stars are in alignment. really, the republicans cannot afford to bid anti-immigration. >> i am not sure the house will go along with it. wiser headsthe end, will prevail in policy and political terms but it is a momen
a dozen years. please go ahead. >> chairman leahy, ranking member grassley and members of the committee, i am pleased to be here today on behalf of the department -- vermont department of tourism in marketing to highlight the importance of travel-related provisions, included immigration reform. vermont is very dependent on tourism. the depend it is twice the national average of 30%. the majority of the businesses are small and family-owned. we're starting to see a steady increase of international visitors, and a market we're focusing on much more with the support of branded u.s. said. well we benefit from being a weekend destination for millions of travelers -- while we benefit from being a weekend destination for millions of travelers, we need to market to international travelers. our nation has not remain competitive in the global travel market place. from 2001-2010 the market share of world traveler fell from 17- 12%. this rulted in more than 78 million international travelers going somewhere else and the and losing 467,000 jobs $606 billion in revenue over those years. understanding th
of eight's proposal. chuck grassley of iowa is the ranking republican, from earlier today. >> good morning, everybody, and i know we're in ar tight schedule. the secretary has to testify in front of appropriations later today, but i do want to commend you, madam secretary, and the men and women of the department of homeland security who worked so hard on the coordinated national security effort in boston. middle of the night, early morning, middle of the night briefings on what has happened and the way your department, local and state police, the f.b.i. worked together as a model -- i think a model for the rest of the world, especially how quickly everybody's able to move. the patriot day successful, the successful capturing of the other suspect is of course why you weren't here that day when we talked. i well understood what your and you ooked like were at the command post. now, a number of other concerns were not part of the bipartisan legislative effort for comprehensive immigration reform. we demanded that you testify before the committee. you had been here in february, testified exte
's the promise of gridlock. iowa senator chuck grassley already skeptical of the group's immigration proposal join calls that suggest boston has changed things. >> how can individuals evade authority and plan such attacks on our soil? how can we beef up security checks on people who wish to enter the united states? how do we ensure that people who wish to do us harm are not eligible for benefits under the immigration laws including this new bill before us? >> two authors of that immigration bill, chuck schumer and lindsey graham are next. aaah! aaaaah! theres a guy on the window! do something, dad! aaaah! aaaah! what is happening? they're rate suckers. their bad driving makes car insurance more expensive for the rest of us. good thing there's snapshot from progressive. snap it in and get a discount based on your good driving. stop paying for rate suckers. try snapshot free at i'm just red carpets and big spectacles. but that's only the beginning. i have more than one red carpet. i like all sorts of spectacles. from the grandiose to the impromptu... to the completely unexpecte
by senator chuck assumer and senator chuck grassley. >> i say particularly those who are pointing to what happened the terrible tragedy in boston as a--i would say an excuse for not doing a bill or delaying it many months or years. >> i never said that. >> i never said you did. >> i never said that. >> i never said that you did sir. >> john: it also led for a rebuke from senator john mccain. >> in all due respect to my colleagues that's ludicrous. this legislation tightens our borders, increases security. i would say it's a strong argument for immigration reform possible passed as quickly as possible. >> john: with what more on what role the events of boston should playplay i welcome michael tomas can i. do you see the bombing in boston derailing the immigration reform? after find out more about where they're from and so for i think things could be worse than they are. there is john mccain and paul ryan echoing what mccain said. i think with the exception of coates, grassley and rand paul, whom you had on your screen there as you were doing your intro, i would say that most republicans th
bill. well chuck schumer wanted to point that out, a democrat from new york, but chuck grassley, it did not set well with him why? he was one of the guys doing it when he says he's not. first let's watch. >> i say particularly those who are pointing to what happened, the tesh tragedy in boston, as a, i would say as an excuse for not doing a bill or delaying it many months or years. >> i never said that. >> i never did say that, sir. >> mr. chairman, i don't appropriate demeaning some of the witness who is have come here. >> those remarks were not aimed at anyone on this committee or the three witnesses. there were people out there. you read it in the newspapers who have said it. >> cenk: now but wait chuck grassley certainly did imapply that earlier but he's saying it's chuck on chuck violence. you want to know what said it? rand paul. let me read you the quote: >> cenk: now kevin bring back the panel here, kevin cirilli beth fouhy and joe williams. isn't that rand paul saying whoa, let's put the brakes on the immigration bill because of boston? >> it's rand paul. and we were just talki
came up -- >> let me just you about that, senator grassley was raising all sorts of issues with in a follow tanno yet. is there any concern that boston will be a setback, slowing it down? >> clear it's it's been raised by senator grassley and others, but i think it's interesting what's happened. we've seen boston come together, one terrorist killed, the other arrested. we've also seen a number of other voices. yesterday speaker boehner and congressman ryan came out and said this is not a reason to delay the immigration bill in going forward. this is actually a reason to speed it up and have it go forward. we all know the sim has been broken, there's security issues. look what happened with the terrorists. they had visas that overstayed, and this bill, allowing some of these high-skilled engineers and doctors to stay? our country, it also creates better security in terms of not just the border, but watching the visas. right now they're all hiding from view in the shadows, this will be a better system and i think it was quite inspiring that a number of people have stood above
impact on it. host: one of the folks calling for a slowdown is senator chuck grassley of iowa, a republican. he talked about this issue on friday at an immigration hearing. [video clip] >> how can we beef up security checks on people who wished to enter the united states? how can we insure people who wished to do us harm are not eligible for benefits under the immigration law, including the new bill before us? we have a long road ahead of us to pass legislation reform in immigration. in 1986 we thought we were doing this, but we screwed up and we cannot afford to screw up again. host: that was senator chuck grassley. who else has jumped on this issue and since the boston bombing? guest: you obscene commentators in the newspapers with others, chrysler has taken the lead on this in suggesting a slowdown. i would not say and huge groundswell by any stretch, but conservative commentary you've seen from chuck grassley. and a congressman from texas. but we will see how it plays out. i don't see a huge movement calling for delay. host: the immigration debate after the 2001 terror att
would just say, senator grassley, that my understanding of the legislation is that the agricultural workers will be given opportunity to get legal status in this country immediately; however, at the end of five years if they meet the requirement and working in the agricultural industry they'll be able to gain permanent resident sei not citizenship. >> okay. >> and the reason behind that. the thinking tbhiend the discussions that . >> you don't have to justify that. >> okay. it was in roip to whether or not the sphtsship for this group of people could be possible without the border being secured. because of the time period. >> senator grassley, if i can supplement that quickly. let me tell you in order to be eligible for the blue card program, which eventually can be as arturo pointed out converted to a green card. you have to have a history of substantial agricultural work already in the country. >> sure. i got you.. now i want to give a quote from somebody commenting on the 1986 legislation as it deals with agricultural workers and following up on what senator leahy said the better
this point yesterday and chuck grassley from iowa was not happy. >> i say that particularly those who were pointing to what happened, the terrible tragedy in boston, as a -- i would say excuse. for not doing a bill or delaying it many months or years. >> i never said that. i never said that! >> i didn't say you did sir. >> i didn't say -- >> i don't know. >> you mr. grassley. >> mr. chairman, i don't appreciate -- >> let me finish. >> bill: batman jumps in. and just brings the whole hearing back to order. but it is true. maybe grassley didn't but rand paul said this means we've got to put a hole in everything. wrote a letter to harry reid saying we can't proceed with immigration reform until we straighten out what happened up in boston. >> it is remarkable to me -- >> bill: they'll stop at nothing. >> they'll stop at nothing. but the fact that you could use the killings in boston to stop immigration reform but god forbid, you use a mass shooting to talk about gun safety laws. that's the no-no. that's exploitation. here we can talk about maybe changes to the fbi right away. maybe we should,
senator charles grassley who has made an official statement saying this should give us pause regarding our immigration issues. >> right. >> david so in other words grassley is saying you can't judge all gun owners by the behavior of a few misbehaving gun owners, but we could reconsider all college students because of this. >> that's what i got. and another one saying all of those people in boston wish they had ar-17s now. >> stephanie: wow. everybody be sure to throw your own personal issue in the center of this. >> the senator just made it very, very easy for dzhokhar tsarnaev to guy a gun. >> stephanie: okay. we're going to the press conference live. >> the crv was present at the time of the carjacking. none of the suspects [ inaudible ] and that's why we were looking for it. we have recovered it in massachusetts. i think we recovered it in cambridge, but i'll double check that for you. but that is the location of the crv. >> reporter: [ inaudible ] >> i believe it was just in their possession. i don't know if they owned it or what have you. >> reporter: [ inaudib
. there will be debate in the committee. we will have time for it ill hav. -- senatorator grassley knows, i even offered some extra time on this. keep on. we will have the debate. i suspect we will have a lot of debate. >> i thank you. i was not intending -- those remarks were not aimed at anyone on the committee or the three witnesses. there were people out there, you read it in the newspapers, who said it. what i am saying is, if there are things that come up as a result of what happened in boston that require improvement, let's add that to the bill. because certainly our bill tightens up things in a way that would make a boston less likely. changes in the exit-entry sent -- the system of visas, requiring the 11 million people here to register. all of that make it a tighter bill. maybe it should be made tighter still. we are open to that. that is all i am saying. i heard lots of calls on people out in the country saying delay it. what our bill does, very simply, is add billions of additional dollars toward border security and border fencing, tracking immigrants who overstay their visas so they can be
in turkmedstan. >> i went to turkchickstan. >> stephanie: you made that up. a lot of people -- chuck grassley a little snippy yesterday. hello. >> can't spell grassley without ass. >> stephanie: right. this has nothing to do with the immigration debate. the family came here what ten years ago or something. i don't know if it is asylum technically, but they were fleeing what was going on -- yeah. and he -- i don't even know not even eight -- how old was he? >> nine, something. >> stephanie: yeah. anyway. jay carney yesterday. >> we will prosecute this terrorist through our civilian system of justice, under u.s. law, united states citizens cannot be tried in military commissions. >> and i think peter king and lindsey graham seem to have forgotten that we are a nation of laws. >> stephanie: what is it just to seem tougher? >> i think lindsey graham was getting more information about his ties to al-qaeda. and on his hospital bed yesterday he said they are religious, but they don't have ties to any larger network. >> stephanie: yeah. exactly. that's what the fbi was saying ini
-- that has never happened before. [laughter] senator grassley is here, he can verify that. [laughter] you are an impressive lady. second, we will see how you do with this one. >> and downhill from here. and if you know any reason, personal or otherwise it would prevent you from fully and on the and the response was of the office for which have been nominated? >> i do not spent do you agree without reservation to respond to any results from its appearance has lived for any newly cosseted committee of the congress if you can from? >> yes. >> do you commit to provide, prompt response inviting to any questions addressed to you by any senator of this committee? [inaudible] >> i will do my best and i know i have some areas of improvement of there. >> thanks very much. senator hatch spent if you do you will be one of the first ones. we hope you will. this committee takes these responsibility really, really serious a. i'm proud of you i'm proud of the work you've done through the years. i'm really pleased with the effort you're putting forward at cms and how important it is to you and how you val
are saying we should postpone the immigration reform bill because of the bombings. chuck grassley of iowa is one of them. he said on friday's hearing we need to be sure that people who intend to harm americans are not allowed to enter the country. republican senator dan coats of indiana is taking that go slow approach. listen. >> immigration is an issue that has dramatic economic effect on americans and national security implications. stemming back a little -- for instance, we have a bigger issue than immigration such as debt issue. >> reporter: he says that is bigger issue, solving the deficit. >> gregg: there are support others both sides of the aisle on this. how are they responding? >> a lot of bipartisan support. coats and grassley are outnumbered. they say this reform bill is a national security bill that will make america safer. it will have multiple background checks and for the first time to prevent people from overstaying their visas by checking airport departures. >> there are some, some on the hard right and otherwise that oppose our immigration bill from the get-go. they are
a monkey wrench in it. >> i would rephrase that as alternative universe legislation. senator grassley has a bill. lindsay graham has a bill. the lindsay graham's bill does two things. first, it sort of any state can automatically get you if they think that you're a danger to yourself or someone else. that's legal in all 50 states, woe narrow that down in the case of gun control. if you were quote an imminent danger if you will. not only is he restricting the gene pool of quote crazy people from buying guns. he's taking it too a much, much more stricter level for the courts to have to prove. secondly, once they get out, they under his bill, under his legislation, as currently proposed, they could go buy guns once they're out of the looney bin per se. i'm not sure that's a smart thing. so while we have these neat things happening on expanded background checks, human trafficking, et cetera, et cetera, the republicans are working behind the scenes, guess who wrote the lindsay graham bill? the nra. i know everyone is shocked by that. >> that's the issue, ron, the nra wants no bill. >> the nati
. >> but where politics meet tragedy there's the promise of gridlock. iowa senator chuck grassley already skeptical of the group's immigration proposal join calls that suggest boston has changed things. >> how can individuals evade authority and plan such attacks on our soil? how can we beef up security checks on people who wish to enter the united states? how do we ensure that people who wish to do us harm are not eligible for benefits under the immigration laws including this new bill before us? >> two authors of that immigration bill, chuck schumer and lindsey graham are next. a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ to enjoy all of these years. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in. with premium s
you a chance to answer another question. this has spilled? debate on immigration reform. grassley, the senator from iowa says before we reform the system we have to focus more on who we let in the country. your response? >> well, first, i don't think it should have severe impact on the immigration debate. we should focus whether it should be refined and if people are coming from a country that has terrorist background. strong terrorist element that that country there should be extra vetting from that country. i'm grandson of immigrants. i have some concern with security aspect of immigration reform i don't think we should use it as an excuse to stop the debate. i do believe if someone is coming from country, which has strong al-qaeda any other type of terrorist element in it, we should not be afraid to ask extra questions or research and to vetting to make sure that people coming in here have no affiliation at all to the terrorist groups. >> we want to thank you for a spirited discussion. we will stay on top of the developments. >> thank you. >> up next, we will get another perspe
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